Carbon Zero Desk
Carbon Zero Office Desk for Sustainable Working

Carbon Zero Office Desk for Sustainable Working

ECO360® carbon zero desk helps you to make a difference!

The strong and smart cardboard desk has been popular with major building contractors. It is ideal for use in large, temporary offices where the furniture may need to be quickly disposed of when the project has finished.

ECO360® office desk is made from cardboard and designed to function just like any other office desk. It is strong and sturdy, neat and functional. It features built-in cable management ports and smooth writing surface. The desk has been tested to commercial furniture standards and has even supported 400kg of concrete bricks!

You can use ECO360® in any office space

It is highly recommended for the construction industry where temporary buildings are commonplace.


  • Net Carbon Zero
  • Made from 68% recycled paper board
  • Plastic-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Fully tested to EN 527-2:2002 and EN 527-3:2003
  • Internal cable management and ports

For the work surface, we apply a waterproof, smooth recycled cardboard sheet that is manufactured in Sweden. There is also an upgrade available to a fully recycled acrylic glass surface protector.

The desks have an expected lifetime anywhere between 2 and 10 years, depending on application. Some of our clients even relocate their ECO360® desks to offices at new sites!

Why did we make ECO360® carbon zero desk?

We discovered that in the UK, it is very hard to recycle office furniture that is made from many materials including wood, melamine and metal. Construction projects provide very little time for relocation of these products and they are often considered to be disposable equipment. As part of a range of solutions, ECO360® has been very successful in helping our clients to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

The ECO360® circular economy of materials


Ideal for your next project

You can join the many contractors who are already using ECO360® desks to benefit the environment – contact us today!

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