Carbon Zero Desk
About ECO360®

About ECO360®

The fully recyclable, commercial office desk solution

ECO360 represents a truly sustainable and practical solution for modern workspaces.

ECO360 has been developed with temporary/semi-permanent office accommodation in mind, primarily as a solution for the construction industry where traditional, low cost wooden furniture is often consigned to landfill on completion of the project.

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Where can ECO360® desks be used?

Environments that can benefit from a cardboard desk solution include:

Construction Site Offices • Event Accommodation • Exhibitions • Pop Up Facilities • Green Work Hubs • Shutdowns/Turnarounds

…and it gets better…

ECO360® is now Plastic Free and Carbon Neutral!

Constant development and innovation has provided our clients with a practical and versatile office desk – and continued improvement, based on feedback and market information has now made it completely plastic free, and zero CO2e.


  • ECO360® now features a water-resistant cardboard work surface, replacing the previous acrylic top layer
  • The ABS cable port has been replaced with a die-cut corrugated cover, removing the final plastic element of the product
  • Using a UK tree planting scheme, we offset the CO2e of manufacture and direct delivery to site!

This means that by choosing ECO360® for your office in place of traditional desks, you’re having a positive environmental impact!


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Embracing the circular economy of materials

The most important element of ECO360® is that it is able to be recycled easily and with minimal energy input.

The choice of cardboard as a structural material seems obvious now, but a wide variety of options were considered, from recycled plastic and wood processing by-products to other plant-based and industrial compounds. The benefits of corrugated, paper board, however, performed above all of these at just about every level.

Cardboard is:

  • Widely and easily recycled
  • Light and workable
  • Strong and durable enough for daily use
  • Cost effective (many recycled materials unfortunately price the product out of contention)

Robust, strong & versatile

ECO360® isn’t just a quick fix solution made from redundant packaging – although, it IS quick and DOES contain fibre from recycled boxes – it’s engineered for purpose and has undergone stringent testing to comply with international standards for office furniture. As if that’s not enough, we have performed a few additional tests!


ECO360 gets loaded with a pallet of concrete blocks:


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