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Cardboard Desk FAQs…

Cardboard Desk FAQs…

Cardboard? Surely not. It won’t be strong enough… Will it?

You’d be surprised! ECO360® has not only been tested to the same structural standards as a conventional office desk for commercial use, but we’ve conducted our own experiment, loading an incredible 400kg in concrete blocks onto the desk, which can be seen HERE

What are the dimensions of the desk?

ECO360® comes in one standard size: 1500mm(W) x 750mm(D) x 750mm(H)

How long will it last?

Just like most things, this does depend on the situation and use of your desk, but the product was originally designed for use in construction site offices with a typical lifespan of between 2 and 6 years. We’re really pleased to have already seen desks coming out of buildings in great condition following project completion after 4+ years of service and in the right conditions, there’s no reason they can’t go on being useful for 10 years and beyond. We also have some repurposed desks that were donated to local charities that have now been going strong for over 5 years. Not bad for a “disposable” solution!!

What about flammability?

As part of the testing process to achieve BS EN 527-2:2002 and BS EN 527-3:2003, ECO360® passed ignition and combustion tests to ensure the product falls in line with other office and upholstered furniture for commercial use.

What if I spill my drink on it?

Just wipe it with a cloth! The desk’s clay-coated exterior makes it resistant to water and drink spillages and the highly water resistant cardboard worksurface provides further protection. As soon as any spillage occurs, simply mop it up with a damp cloth and carry on as normal.

Is it a sit-stand desk?

The desk itself does not have a sit-stand feature, but there is a number of commercially available conversion options that can transform ECO360® into a fully functioning sit-stand workstation.

Why would I want a load of cardboard in my office? Won’t it make my office look like a store cupboard?

In actual fact, the desks are so smart, that most people don’t even realise they’re looking at one. In fact, the smooth, white surfaces and sleek design gives an airy and futuristic look to the workspace. The slightly shiny white clay coating means that you don’t feel like you’re looking at a pile of boxes! – Here’s an example of how smart they can look…

What happens when I don’t need the desk any more?

Cardboard recycling is widely available, so your local or existing contractor will probably be able to recycle your desks. The acrylic top is also highly recyclable and most contractors are able to collect these for processing. Alternatively, you can contact us for a quote to collect and recycle the desks on your behalf.

What is the point of a cardboard desk?

Although we’d although like to think of office furniture as endlessly reusable, sometimes a disposable option is required to allow offices to be quickly dismantled and removed at the end of operation. ECO360® provides an easily recycled solution. We do, however have some great examples of ECO360® desks being relocated for use by other organisations before they are recycled…

Can the desk be taken apart and put back together again repeatedly?

Although designed primarily for single installation, ECO360® desks are surprisingly resilient and we have seen many that have been collapsed and reassembled multiple times in a variety of settings.

Do you make other models and products?

Currently, there are two sizes of desk available, which suit most standard applications but bespoke requirements may be able to be accommodated, although minimum quantities will apply… contact us!

Can I use monitor arms with ECO360®?

Yes, but not the traditional desk-mounted type… Get in touch to discuss the solutions we have available!

What about a cardboard pedestal?

We’d love to be able to provide everything in cardboard, but as a construction material, it has its limitations. Moving parts are simply not as robust, but more importantly, it isn’t practical to include a locking mechanism. We are able to offer a range of recyclable steel pedestals or locker systems as an alternative.

Where can I buy ECO360® cardboard desks?

For individual sales, you can purchase ECO360® desks in the online shop.

ECO360® supply and installation is provided by TCi furniture WORKS

For trade enquiries, please contact us