Cardboard desks going down well in Australia!
Cardboard desks going down well in Australia!

Cardboard desks going down well in Australia!

ECO360® cardboard desks have been well-received onsite in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

John Holland Group has embraced sustainability on a recent contract, installing fully recyclable ECO360® desks within a construction site office complex at Mount Victoria.

The sustainable, cardboard desks installed within modular accommodation for the Mount Victoria project

The sustainable workstations complement the contractor’s exceptional environmental standards and have been well received by staff and visitors.

“We’ve had comments from nearly every visitor to our site offices about them, with several taking photos and asking for information and how and where they could source them from. The design and sustainable nature really seems to interest people.”

Says Andrew Kindness, Sustainability & Environment Graduate at John Holland.

“Everyone here has been really impressed with these desks, they’ve held up well with no issues so far. We’ve had them loaded up, people sitting on them and the odd spill with no issues and when I asked for feedback, it’s all positive and they’ve all forgotten that these desks are actually cardboard.”

The site’s proximity to the Blue Mountains National Park emphasises the environmental considerations for contractors operating in the area with its natural beauty and diverse habitat.

The latest international success for ECO360® shows that sustainability in all aspects of construction is regarded as being of global importance and it is great to see that waste streams from site setup are just as important on the other side of the world!

ECOdesk360 is a 100% sustainable workstation solution. Made from 100% recyclable cardboard and finished with a hard-wearing, recyclable acrylic top, ECO360 represents a truly sustainable solution for the workplace of the future.