NEW! Recycled acrylic surface protector
NEW! Recycled acrylic surface protector

NEW! Recycled acrylic surface protector

Add to the durability and functionality of your ECO360® desk with Greencast acrylic

Your ECO360® carbon-zero desk is supplied as standard with a precision-cut, water-resistant surface made from an innovative cardboard material. For those who are seeking even more durability and functionality, a 100% recycled acrylic surface is now available as an option.


Greencast is practically identical to acrylic sheet products such as Perspex® but composed entirely from recycled waste product using a volatile organic chemical (VOC) and Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) free process. It represents a reduced carbon footprint and water consumption for manufacture, compared to the virgin alternatives and does not demand any new fossil resources.

Enhance your workstation

Not only does the recycled acrylic surface provide excellent protection for your ECO360® desk, it can be used to display important documents and notices, such as safety or work instructions. You can also use the surface as a dry-wipe board for collaborative work. Why not combine both and clamp documents beneath the surface for marking-up exercises?

Find out more

For individual orders, you can add a Greencast acrylic work surface protector to your order here or contact us for trade pricing

What’s great about Greencast?

  • 100% Recycled
  • ISO 7823.1 Compliant
  • VOC & HFC Free
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint*
  • 0% Fossil Resources
  • Reduced Water Consumption*

*compared to standard, virgin product